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Review – Emmure – Eternal Enemies

You know a band is getting desperate for attention when the first track on their new album is called “Bring A Gun To School”. You can’t say it hasn’t worked either – ex member Ben Lionetti recently threatened the group … Continue reading

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Spring Anime 2014 – Debut Episode Rankings!

#1: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Jojo is fucking back. Well, besides a severe lack of Speedwagon, everything went right in this episode. As I don’t read the manga, JoJo’s “Stand” reveal was particularly dramatic and awesome. The character models … Continue reading

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Spring Anime 2014 – First Impressions – Isshuukan Friends.

Here’s hoping for a fresh take on the ‘automated memory reset switch’ trope. Isshuukan Friends/One Week Friends (English) is off to a good start. With lots of blushing. I enjoyed this debut episode. It managed to introduce the main pair … Continue reading

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Non Non Biyori – Season 2 Announced!

Nyanpassu, motherfuckers. Last year’s greatest slice-of-life anime has officially been green-lit for another season. And it deserves one. This is awesome news. I have faith that the Non Non Biyori formula can stay fresh as well. A second series can … Continue reading

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