Spring Anime 2014 – First Impressions – Isshuukan Friends.

Here’s hoping for a fresh take on the ‘automated memory reset switch’ trope. Isshuukan Friends/One Week Friends (English) is off to a good start. With lots of blushing.

I enjoyed this debut episode. It managed to introduce the main pair and communicate the problem they’re going to face without feeling too rushed. Kaori and Yuuki are both likable characters, and their conversations felt completely genuine. This is a good sign for any series that wants to be taken seriously. Shougo was cool too.


Some were surprised by the choice of seiyuu but I think the cast is great. Shougo’s (Hosoya Yoshimasa) deeper voice is awesome and provides great contrast to Yuuki’s ( Yamaya Yoshitaka) youthful optimism without being negative. Amamiya Sora soft, gentle voice is a perfect pick for the role of Kaori.

Visually, Isshukan Friends looks completely awesome. Soft lines on watercolour brings the show to life and the character models are gorgeous. Everything about it looks great, but in a modest way. Newbie director Iwasaki Tarou has chosen for a clever mix of both stylized and realistic animation that works incredibly well.


The OP and ED were nice, and the background music was perfect. Basically all the elements are here for a good show. On the other hand, the very premise (1-week memory reset) has been done a number of ways in plenty of different mediums, so it will be interesting to see if Isshukan Friends can find a way to make it feel new again.

I hope it does.


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One Response to Spring Anime 2014 – First Impressions – Isshuukan Friends.

  1. Artemis says:

    I hadn’t actually been planning to watch this one at all – for whatever reason, the synopsis and preview just didn’t really grab me – but I’m glad I did. In fact, other than Mushishi, this series could even end up being my favourite of the spring season. It was sweet, but not sickly-sweet, and while the plot, taken on its own, may be a bit ridiculous, I think this anime could have a few quite interesting things to say about the nature of loneliness. Especially in Japan, I can see how this topic could be extremely relevant.

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