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Ovid’s Withering – Scryers of the Ibis – Review

Ovid’s Withering are a relatively new Tampa Bay outfit that play “theatrical tech-metal”. While this label might be wildly ambitious, it’s true in a sense that their sound is not easily classified. ‘Scryers Of The Ibis” is a heavily layered … Continue reading

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Fall Anime 2013 – Halfway Impressions – Nagi no Asukara & Kill la Kill

We’re now just past the halfway point for this season. I’ll now post a some thoughts and impressions on a bunch of shows. There is pretty much something for everyone this fall. Nagi no Asukara episodes – 8/26 One of … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Outbreak Company, Or, Why This Show Sucks

Don’t get me wrong. Fall 2013 is already a brilliant season for anime and you’ll be hearing more about this very soon. However there is always one show, like that one dickhead in your class at school, that drags the … Continue reading

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Is Nagi No Asukara The Best Looking Show of Fall 2013 Already ?

Get a load of the underwater city of Shioshishio during ‘Tomoebi’, a time when good weather conditions combine with the right amont of saltflake snow and cold currents. 3 suns appear because of “reflections or something” (Manaka’s description was not … Continue reading

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Winds of Plague – Resistance – Review

Winds of Plague are well-known for their approach to the deathcore genre. The 6-piece have quite a busy sound – the inclusion of a keyboardist adds depth to the melodic section, and the guitarists combine both modern deathcore-esque breakdowns and … Continue reading

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100 Reasons Why The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Is Awesome

1. Bombchus Yes, those little mouse like explosives that slither along the ground to explode at the end. They even made a mini-game out of it. 2. Minigames Not only were these fun, but you could get decent rewards for … Continue reading

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Linkin Park – Recharged – Review

LP fans are very much entitled to approach this record with a little skepticism before even listening. Recharged only exists because ‘Living Things’ sold well, thus it can be perceived that Warner Bros. may jus be squeezing this wet cloth … Continue reading

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