Review – Emmure – Eternal Enemies

You know a band is getting desperate for attention when the first track on their new album is called “Bring A Gun To School”.

You can’t say it hasn’t worked either – ex member Ben Lionetti recently threatened the group and their label, Victory Records, with lawsuits “from now until the end of time” over an alleged pay dispute. It seems that recent creative decisions (see song title above) had been the factor that set him off. Earlier this year, a statement outlined Lionetti’s anger at frontman Frankie Palmeri for transforming the group into a cheap publicity machine rather than a legitimately talented band, and he kind of has a point. This record only exists to support his case.

“Bring A Gun To School” is nothing more than a generically piss-weak 90 second intro track, but everyone will want to hear it and have an opinion about it because of what it’s called. Emmure have done this very deliberately in an attempt to distract listeners from the fact that the song is only the first in a significantly bloated collection of redundant trash collectively titled Eternal Enemies.

Yes, this album will almost definitely be the worst thing you’ll hear in 2014.

eternal enemies

Eternal Enemies is an ugly culmination of everything you hate about metalcore and nu-metal, with one of the worst vocalists in music. Yes – all music ever, regardless of genre. Frankie’s vocal delivery is a distinctive, perpetually irritating combination of screaming and talking that doesn’t fit into the musical context. To be fair though it wouldn’t really fit in anywhere else.

The lyrical content is so juvenile that it borders on parody. “Fuck” features in most sentences. Almost every 2nd word is “fuck”. The riffs and drum patterns are just as dull and the monotonous guitar doesn’t change from start to finish. Each breakdown sounds more derivative than the last, and the unending repetition makes banging your head on a brick wall seem more appealing within mere minutes.

I might stop writing soon because if I pour any more shit on this release then some of you might be curious enough to hear it anyway… Because surely nothing can be that bad, right?

It can. Eternal Enemies is deplorable shit.

Emmure is a band that runs on hype because they now have nothing of substance left to offer their listeners. I had to listen to the album for the sake of this review, but it’s probably better for the universe if you don’t bother giving them the attention.


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