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Spring Anime 2014 – First Impressions – Isshuukan Friends.

Here’s hoping for a fresh take on the ‘automated memory reset switch’ trope. Isshuukan Friends/One Week Friends (English) is off to a good start. With lots of blushing. I enjoyed this debut episode. It managed to introduce the main pair … Continue reading

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Non Non Biyori – Season 2 Announced!

Nyanpassu, motherfuckers. Last year’s greatest slice-of-life anime has officially been green-lit for another season. And it deserves one. This is awesome news. I have faith that the Non Non Biyori formula can stay fresh as well. A second series can … Continue reading

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Review: Super Sonico – The Animation

SuperSonico: The Animation started off well enough but quickly became a drag with very few redeeming factors. Unfortuately, Sonico was not fleshed-out nearly enough to sustain the show on her own, and an emphasis on fanservice rather than characterization really … Continue reading

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Anime of the Season – Fall 2013!

This post is a little late because I had a bunch of stuff to catch up on. Although, the best show of Fall 2013 had become fairly obvious to me some time ago. It’s not like there was little competition … Continue reading

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Fall Anime 2013 – Non Non Biyori – Episode One Impressions

Well, so much for only watching a small handful of shows this season… Non Non Biyori is a slice-of-life anime with a touch of comedy and a distinctly relaxing vibe. Its characters live in the quiet countryside, and all attend … Continue reading

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Summer Anime 2013! Opinions and Impressions – Part 3

Teekyuu 2 Is your body ready for MORE TEEKYUU? It better be. Episode one of season two was expectedly ridiculous and unabashedly hyperactive. Teekyuu 2 is off to a great start. Fans will be pleased to find out that the … Continue reading

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Summer Anime 2013! Impressions and Opinions – Part 1

Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei – The Animation Episode one of Danganronpa showed off an interesting cast and a sinister setting. I’m not familiar with the video game it’s based on but already I want to check … Continue reading

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