Review – The Devil Wears Prada – Space (EP)

In the style of 2010’s Zombie EP, The Devil Wears Prada  have delivered another collection of tracks based on a single theme.

Space captures the danger, wonder and excitement of what lies beyond our earth.

The band has injected their modern sound with a little more atmosphere this time round. Haunting keyboard lines invoke images of deserted space stations and enormous starry chasms. Guitar melodies are deliberately dreamy and almost hypnotic at times. There are a variety of tones and subtle effects riddled throughout the soundscape, but not enough to overcomplicate matters. The EP is musically explorative, but also very much a metal album.

While everything ties into the space theme, each track gets its own mini-narrative.

The opener “Planet A” isn’t as heavy as the rest but contains one of the most impressive choruses. It touches on how humans have always been inspired by what lies beyond the stars, but also the loneliness of what it must be like to be up there all alone. But immediately after this we’re transported into panic mode: “Alien” is the fastest and probably most urgent-sounding track. It describes an extraterrestrial encounter that hasn’t exactly gone to plan and the main guitar hooks are particularly feisty.

tdwp space ep

“Moongod” explores the idea of space as a vessel or metaphor for a higher power, and is followed by a brief interlude track. It’s not outstanding, but it’s suitably creepy and spacey and acts as a good build up to what happens next.

The final two tracks are bigger and a little heavier. “Supernova” is blistering and quick with yet another strong chorus, but the most epic track is saved for last. “Asteroid” describes the insignificance of man in relation to the enormity and power of the greater universe. What better way to explore such a topic, than in the context of a metal band that’s arguably at the peak of their career? It’s an epic poem about retrospection and who we are in relation to things that happen outside of our control.

The production value is impressive throughout and it’s easy to hear all the different layers within each song. By the end of the EP, the listener is left both quizzical and inspired. In essence, the Space EP is what happens when a very proficient metalcore band looks up to the stars and begins to wonder out loud for 20 minutes.

The end result is strikingly beautiful.


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