Dragon Quest X and XI Coming to Nintendo NX, and Why You Should (Not) Be Excited

Yesterday we learnt that Dragon Quest X and XI will be coming to the 3DS, PS4 and Nintendo NX.

On the surface this looks like great news for Nintendo fans, and it probably is.

Nintendo struggled big time in winning over third-party support for the Wii U from the start. And yet here we have a third-party game announced for the next console, NX, before even learning anything about the console itself.

This looks like a great start for a Nintendo system that hasn’t even been released yet.  Third-party support on top of classic Nintendo IP could lead to the most stunning software line-up we’ve ever seen, right?

Of course! In theory, anyway…


This announcement calls for some quiet optimism, but let me remind you of a game called Rayman Legends.

Ubisoft first announced Rayman Legends as an exclusive launch title for the Wii U in November 2012. It then failed to launch alongside the new console, but that was merely the tip of the iceberg. What followed was a maddening 12 months of delays, miscommunications, and broken promises that culminated in the game being released for the PS3, Xbox360, PSV, Windows and Wii U systems around November 2013.

This was only aggravated by the Wii U’s barren software catalogue at the time (Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 hadn’t shown up yet). Legends was supposed to be exclusive as well! But it gets worse.

Tacked on to the final release and blamed for a significant portion of the delay was a bunch of content from Rayman Origins, the prequel to Legends. This was received as yet another smack in the face to long-time fans who bought a Wii U; Not only was the delay already longer than it ever should have been, but to see it slowed down yet again just to ram in previously released content… Well, you can guess how that was received.


All things being equal, Square Enix are not Ubisoft and Nintendo 2015 are not Nintendo 2012. Hopefully they’ve learnt from the mistakes of mishandling third-party titles at launch. As consumers though, we have the right to be skeptical now.

Let’s just hope the NX gets off to a better start than the Wii U did. Hopefully Nintendo learn from their mistakes and focus on what matters most to gamers – the software!


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2 Responses to Dragon Quest X and XI Coming to Nintendo NX, and Why You Should (Not) Be Excited

  1. Third partyies don’t want to make games exclusive to the Wii U as the sales figures aren’t great. Hopefully the NX is just as powerful as the other current gen systems allowing developers to port their releases on all systems rather than ignore Nintendo.

    • That would be great!
      Unfortunately history has shown us that Nintendo release their next gen consoles roughly a year before microsoft and sony, and it’s generally underpowered when compared to the other two.

      We don’t know anything about the hardware for the NX yet – hopefully they abandon the gamepad though because that was the dealbreaker for most third party devs last time.

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