Opinion – Amiibo? No Thanks.

Amiibo is nothing but bad news for Nintendo fans. Here’s why.

With the recent announcement of Mario Party 10, fans learned Amiibo will play a much bigger part in the game than we might have expected. Remember, up until now Amiibo’s main features have been mostly optional or cosmetic.

Take a look at the picture below.

absolute bs

Looks like a normal game menu… right?


“Amiibo Party” has an invisible lock on it that costs US $12.99 to remove because you need at least one Amiibo to access it. This means approximately one-third of the game is sitting behind a paywall. Mario Party 10 is essentially incomplete if you don’t own an Amiibo and that’s fucking concerning if spending extra cash on plastic is not exactly your idea of a good time.

This is exactly the style of publishing that gamers worldwide detest bitterly and with good reason. We buy a console, we buy a game, we want to play a fucking game. We don’t want to pay extra for the whole experience. It’s just rude.

amiibobadUnfortunately, this is only the beginning. Thanks to the unprecedented success of Amiibo, it looks like this style of development is here to stay. And if you’re buying Amiibo then you’re basically asking for it.

“Amiibo-only” content is almost definitely being shoved into games in development right now. Bet on it. I wonder just how will future titles be affected. Will the next Mario game require an Amiibo purchase to access additional levels? You might as well prepare yourself for it. Nintendo are very out of touch with their consumers right now.

Should Amiibo continue to be implemented in such a way that it stands between the gamer and significant game content, I don’t want a part of it. It’s a nothing but a massive middle finger to a loyal fanbase and should be greeted with scornful rejection by the informed consumer.


“Would you like to buy any Amiibos with your purchase today?”


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One Response to Opinion – Amiibo? No Thanks.

  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    Amiibo party is at least a pathetic reskin of something already available as a novel treat for those who own an amiibo.

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