Spring Anime 2014 Wrap-Up

Top 3 Shows

1) Love Live School Idol Project Season 2

Something magical happens when an Idol show serves up all the perfect ingredients it needs to succeed. Love Live! has earned its huge fanbase by delivering loads of awesome music along with some hilarious slice-of-life antics thanks to its colourful characters. Admittedly, a 9-girl cast makes it easy for fans to pick a favourite because the writers can pander in pretty much every direction simultaneously. It works though.


I’d say that Season 2 was even better and more uplifting that the first. They’re both good, but Season 2 held a little more emotional weight, and there were more funny moments too. Love Live! does lean on cliché (guess what… they do manage to save the school from shutting down!) but there were so many awesome tunes going on that I didn’t really care. The animation quality was stepped up too, and it felt as though every inch of the budget was used thoughtfully.

Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2 is my number 1 pick for Spring. Aishteru Banzai!

2) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

I think Part 3 is starting to become my favourite of the JoJo anime adaption. Jotaru is awesome, and the dangerous journey to Egypt (while being fabulous at all times) is pretty much constantly entertaining.


News that the series will be extended into 4 cours sounds great in theory, but comes at the risk of filler. I’ve heard that the arc is much larger than parts 1 & 2 though, so only time will tell if this is a good thing. It’s hard to get tired of JoJo, so they’d have to screw it up royally for this to go downhill.

I’ve written about how awesome this show is a couple of times now so please refer to earlier articles if you’re somehow not convinced by how great this show is yet.

3) Selector Infected WIXOSS

Yep, WIXOSS made it into my top 3.

I think this show went a little downhill towards the end, perhaps as a result of the extra cour extension news, but the mysteries and characters kept it all together well enough. I’m very curious to watch the sequel now.


For all of its hiccups though, Selector Infected WIXOSS brought an intensity to the screen that was unrivaled throughout the season. The atmosphere was tantalizingly bleak, and it didn’t take long before I cared enough about the characters to get behind them as they discover the grim realities (and somewhat convoluted intricacies) of the WIXOSS system. I can’t say enough about the awesome background art provided by __ and how much it had an influence on the tone of the series.

I often find myself at odds with the way Mari Okada spins her narratives but this time it worked out well enough. The descision to add an extra cour mid-way through the first was probably difficult to deal with so I guess that’s why the pacing felt a bit off at times. However, I still enjoyed the show and I’m eager to watch the sequel.

 These were also good:

Ping Pong: The Animationpingpong

I still haven’t finished this, but I’ve seen most of it and found lots to enjoy. It’s cool to see such an unorthodox art style and I hope it was well received. For better or worse, I think it’s always good when a show comes out and takes risks like this. This show WILL make you want to play ping-pong.


I haven’t actually enjoyed a sports anime that much since Eyeshield 21 but Haikyuu! and Ping Pong have changed this. Haikyuu! is blessed with a vibrant and dramatic cast, and the game scenes are often captivating.  This show WILL make you want to play volleyball.

The “Oh God It’s Actually So Bad, Why Does It Even Have To Exist?” Award:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

LN adaption ☑

Smug MC  ☑

Stupidly overpowered MC ☑

Desperate bro-con imouto ☑

The very manifestation of everything that is wrong with anime ☑

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