Winter Anime 2014 – Early Impressions – Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Chuu Wars Episode II: The Chuuni Strikes Back

Episodes seen : 3

I remember enjoying the first season of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shita! but it wasn’t a big favourite of mine. However, following the messy adaption that was last season’s Kyoukai no Kanata, Chunnibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren is refreshingly honest and entertaining. This is what Kyoto Animation do best.

The first two episodes were neat. Yuta & Rika are now living together (don’t worry, they still have separate bedrooms) allowing plenty of screentime on the pair. Their relationship seems to be stuck in a perpetual state of awkwardness which might seem weird to some viewers, but there is more than enough character comedy going on at the same time so this doesn’t really bother me. The two leads of this show have not been changed much at all from last season, and if anything Rika has just got more ridiculous. This is good.


Nibutani, Dekemori and Kumin are all back too. The Nibutani/Dekemori rivalry dynamic is stll still stronger than ever which is also funny. Yuta’s original classmate Makoto is back too and stupid as ever, and while we saw some of Touka in episode 1, it seems she will probably be taking a back seat this season.

On top of this, a new character has been thrown into the mix. Making her debut in episode 3, Satone “Sophia Ring SP Saturn VII” Shichimiya has shown up. She’s a childhood friend of Yuta’s (dammit KyoAni) and it seems like she’s here to throw a spanner in the works of Yuta and Rika’s relationship. She’s also 110% chuuni, so we got another awesome fight scene between her and Rika in the latest episode. I’m not quite sure what to make of her yet. Seeing as Dekemori will probably hate her by default (seeing as she’s a rival to Rika) perhaps she will team up with Nibutani?


I highly doubt Schichiya will steal Yuta away from Rika. There might be some kind of misunderstanding down the track to get Rika all jealous but who knows. It will be interesting to see what KyoAni do with her, but it will probably be hilarious enough to excuse any severe cliché.

Additionally, Chuunibyou demo koi ga Shitai! Ren looks and sounds just as awesome as the first season did. If you liked the first installment, don’t miss out on this one.

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