Winter Annime 2014 – First Impressions – 2014 – Sakura Trick

And you thought “Yuru Yuri” was yuri…

Sakura Trick might well be Winter’s wildcard show. It follows most slice-of-life conventions, but throws a same-sex relationship in the mix to spice things up. And spicy it is indeed.

While the Yuri factor is the main drawcard of the show, Episode 1 of Sakura Trick had more to offer than just this.


On a visual level, the show looks brilliant. A thoughtful colour pallette with plenty of light blue, yellow and pink complimented the softly drawn character designs. A bunch of background school characters remain uncoloured which some viewers might find undesirable, but this wasn’t a problem for me.

The OP & ED were both fine, and the background music was perfectly gentle. Sakura Trick already has quite a distinctive tone. It’s a warm, relaxing show to watch.

So what are the characters like?

The two leads (Yuu & Haruka) were great, but the supporting cast are interesting as well. The girls all have very different personalities which allowed for some great character comedy. This didn’t feel forced either, and the jokes all landed well. The show benefits from a group of experienced voice actors who breathe life into the characters the moment you hear them.


Sakura Trick’s debut episode balanced the themes of comedy and budding romance well, and topped it all off with a dash of fanservice. Seeing as the main pairing was established almost straight away, I’m interested to see how everything plays out for Yuu & Haruka.

Sakura Trick is off to a good start and will probably be the ‘guilty pleasure’ show for many watchers this season. Let’s hope it keeps us laughing and the narrative progresses naturally and avoids getting watered down with time.

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