The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – Tips For Hero Mode!

Upon finishing your first playthough of A Link Beween Worlds, Hero Mode will be unlocked. Select a new file and get ready for a serious Zelda challenge!

The rules are simple: Enemies now do quadruple damage.

So here are some tips on how not to be dead all the time.


▲ Get ready for some pain early on. Having onlt 3 hearts to your name means you can get killed alarmingly fast. Suddenly, rats will freak you out if you’ve already taken damage. Yes, rats. Pushing through the early phase of the game is tricky so be warned.

▲ Pieces of Heart are about four times more important now. Seek them out. Some are easier to get than others.

▲ Potions are pretty much vital. Along with Fairies, they will help you stay alive. Blue is obviously the strongest and should be bought at every opportunity, but red is also good. It fills you up by 8 hearts, while fairies only give you a measly five.

▲ Use the pins on the map (remember those?) to mark the locations of fairy fountains. That way you can quickly locate them and get healthy. It pays to take a few into each dungeon if you have the bottles.

▲ Bottles are also your friend. Get as many as you can and fill them in this order –

Blue potion > Red Potion > Fairy

It’s always handy to have a spare fairy though in case you get knocked out by surprise. Because you probably will.

▲ Don’t be afraid to run away from stronger enemies in the overworld (or underworld) if you’re heavily damaged. Look for the pins on your map if you’re in strife.

▲ The Tornado Rod is very useful if you find yourself surrounded. In regular mode you can tank a few hits but in Hero Mode you might not be able to.

▲ Hero Mode rewards you with a Majora’s Mask reference. Find it in the Abandoned House in Lorule. Easter eggs, fuck yeah!

▲ Lastly, make sure you’re prepared before taking on the later dungeons! Have fun.


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