Fall Anime 2013 – Halfway Impressions – Nagi no Asukara & Kill la Kill

We’re now just past the halfway point for this season. I’ll now post a some thoughts and impressions on a bunch of shows. There is pretty much something for everyone this fall.

Nagi no Asukara

episodes – 8/26

One of the many highlights we’ve witnessed so far is Nagi no Asukara, which has quickly evolved into a very enjoyable show. Not only is this one of the best looking shows this season (see: wallpapers) but it also boasts a neat cast of seamonkeys young characters being thrust into a bunch of highly dramatic yet relativley believable situations.

The first handful of introductory episodes were fast paced but did a good enough job of setting the scene. At first I felt like the show was moving a little too fast (it’s 2-cour, slow down) but the speedy character development worked well because the tunas cast are mostly likable. Hikari can be a dick and Kaname is still basically a nothing-character (although he still has plenty of time to get interesting) but Chisaki and Manaka are pretty awesome. Particularly Manaka. I can even tolerate the filthy land-lubber Tsumugu.


In more recent episodes Nagi no Asukara has utilized the trope of ‘all adults are completely¬† fucking stupid ‘ which was somewhat predictable but hasn’t managed to dent the show too much. This has culminated in Hikari and Akari getting kicked out of Shioshishio… which would be pretty upsetting considering how awesome that place is.

The latest episode (8) was pretty neat and I’m keen to see what happens next, as I often am with this show. Special mention to the OP as well, it’s basically unskippable. And a neat OST on top of that.

Kill la Kill

episodes – 8/26

Haha. This show.

I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty entertaining to watch a show that tries to out-do itself every week. At 8 eps in I feel like Kill la Kill has lost a little steam, but it still manages to surprise me every week and will probably continue to do so.

Kill la Kill’s narrative is incredibly caffeine-inspired and a little disjointed, but the fight choreography makes up for just about any flaw you could find in this show. The action scenes are highly detailed, hilarious and consitently over-the-top, and the endless plethora of ridiculous characters that Ryuuko has fought already have been excellent.

[HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.44_[2013.10.04_08.37.57]

The show is also backed up by a good soundtrack ( DON’T LOOSE YOUR WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY) and some outrageous characters. Mako and Gamagori are my favourites so far for obvious reasons. Seeing as the story doesn’t really interest very much, there are enough factors to make up for that in this show.

The best thing about this show is that no-one knows what will happen next. Not even Trigger knows. Good viewing.


More soon…

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