100 Reasons Why The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Is Awesome


1. Bombchus

Yes, those little mouse like explosives that slither along the ground to explode at the end. They even made a mini-game out of it.

2. Minigames

Not only were these fun, but you could get decent rewards for mastering them. Honorable mention to the hidden minigame in The Lost Woods that results in the deku seed upgrade.

3. Lord Jabu-Jabu

He’s a fucking gigantic fish AND a dungeon at the same time. Are you either of these things? Didn’t think so.

4. The Ocarina

OoT deserves all the credit it gets for tying music into the narrative of an adventure story. Not only was the Ocarina fun to use, but the melodies were super memorable too.

5. The Shadow Temple’s Guillotines

Miss-time that jump and you’re headless, fairy-boy.

6. Epona

A method of transport that you form an emotional bond with. Not many other games can claim this.

7. Zora’s Domain

Probably the coolest place to hang out, ever.

8. Magic Beans

Up, up, and away!

9. Masks

Ok so theses weren’t nearly as good as they were in Links next adventure (Majora’s Mask) but you could get some funny reactions out of people by talking to them with different masks on.

10. Ice Arrows

Stop those pesky enemies from moving.

11. Fire Arrows

Stop those pesky enemies from not being on fire.

12. Light Arrows

Give those pesky enemies a bright blast of justices.

13.  The Hookshot

This was such an awesome item, and the perfect way to begin playing as Adult Link after the initial timeskip.

14. The Longshot

Now you can final finish the fucking water temple.

15. The Fucking Water Temple

It gets a lot of flack, but once you’ve conquered it, you can appreciate it for the masterpiece of dungeon design it truly is.

16. Lake Hylia

Fishing, anyone?

17. Fishing

Surprisingly relaxing.

18. Stealing the Fisherman’s Hat

The most fun you’ll have in years.

19. Secret grottos

Even better when there’s a heart piece in them.

20. Getting A Cow At Your House

Do I even have to explain.

21. Lon-Lon Milk

Surprisingly refreshing

22. Golden Skulltullas

This is how you do collectibles. Some are easy to find, but many others require a good search. The satisfying jingle of collecting a token is almost unmatched,

23. Skulltulla Token Rewards

The Stone of Agony was particularly revolutionary for its time.

24. Sneaking Into Hyrule Castle As A Child

Those guards need to be fired

25. The Megaton Hammer

Smash your path to victory!

26. The Skull Kid

A tragically sad and lonely figure. Makes friends with you if you wear a particular mask and play a particular song.

27. Lens Flare In A Video-Game

It hadn’t happened before in a video game ever.

28. Sexual Tension With A Fish-Princess

Again, I don’t think this had happened before in a video game either.

29. Bottles

And a fairy in each one.

30. Fairy Fountains

Fairies are great, but the midi-harp riff was just as good.

31. The Mirror Shield

Immune to scratching.

32. The Graveyard

Creepy as fuck, particularly on a rainy night.

33. Pieces of Heart

Another awesome collectible.

34. Horseback Archery

Not just a fun mini-game, but a historical past-time.

35. The Golden Cartridge

Awwww yeeeeeeee.

36. Running Amok In Peoples Houses, Smashing Up Their Pots

37. Realising That Walking Backwards Is Faster Than Walking Forwards

I’m not joking.

38. Gorons

They are just so cool.

39. The Ice-Cavern

Awesome mini-dungeon. Contains mysterious blue fire.

40. Biggoron’s Sword

Don’t fuck with me now.

41. The Bottom Of The Well

This was legitimately scary in 1998.

42. The Boomerang

Impossible to throw away.

43. Various References To Other Nintendo Games

Check out Malon’s necklace, and the drawings in the windows of Hyrule Castle.

44. Sheik

Awesome character who had the best theme song in the game, gave poetic monologues pertaining to things like existentialism and the very nature of time itself. Also taught you neat songs.

45. Hoverboots

Hell fucking yes.

46. The Goron Tunic

Allows you to basically walk into a volcano.

47. The Great Fairies

Ok they looked pretty weird but they gave you nice things.

48. Gossip Stones

A distinct oddity of the series. Provided hints, cool insights and other easter eggs (like launching into the sky when bombed).

49. Getting A Bigger Wallet

How do I hold all these Ruppees.

50. Big Ruppees

Purple, Orange, Silver, all day.

51. Dark-Link

Meet your match. Best mini-boss in the game.

52. The Power To Too Make It Rain

The Song of Storms is now in your head.

53. The Power To Manipulate The Time Of Day

It has now been replaced with the Sun’s Song.

54. Jamming On The Ocarina

It can even do sharps and flats (press R or Z).

55. Ganondorf’s Organ

It had one or two extra white keys per octave. Go look at it.

56. The Lylat Wars Space Ship That Was Written Into The Game’s Code For Some Reason

57. Blue Potion

Red + Green potion is for casuals, man.

58. The Various Glitches To Be Found

OoT is actually an extremely broken game. Just ask someone who speedruns it. So many glitches have been discovered now that the game can be beaten in less than 20 minutes without any hacks or external software.

59. The 3 Spiritual Stones

So shiny.

60. The 6 Medallions

Even prettier.

61. The Whack-A-Mole Inspired Boss Fight

Yeah they went there. It’s in the fire temple.

62. Koume And Kotake

Speaking of boss fights, there is another great one at the end of the Spirit Temple. But the cut-scene afterwards is even better.

63. Getting The Slingshot As A Child

It’s a licence for mischief.

64. The Forest Temple

Fun, atmospheric and perfectly foresty.

65. Getting Punished For Animal Cruelty

He who attacks the Cuckoo carries a deathwish.

66. The Trading Sequence

Loads of fun.

67. That Creepy Motherfucker Who Lives At Lake Hylia

Damn he was creepy.

68.  Gold Gauntlets

Do you even lift?

69. Gerudo Valley

Best music ever.

70. The Windmill Hut Guy

No description needed.

71. Grog

Voices his misanthropic thoughts to Child Link in Kakariko Village at night.

72. Nabooru

Easily the coolest sage.

73. Darunia

Second-coolest sage

74. Soldier In The Back-Alley

He’s very easy to miss, but if you seek this guy out and talk to him before heading to the castle as Child Link, he will die immediately afterward. Morbid.

75. Saria

She teaches you one of the best songs ever.

76. Iron Knuckles

These guys were great fun to fight.

77. Getting The Dungeon Map

Ok. Now you know where the fuck you are inside this labyrinth.

78. The Keaton Mask

It was totally Pikachu.

79. The Lens of Truth

Now you can see all you’ve been missing.

80. The Mask of Truth

A good way to freak everyone out.

81. Finding Ruppees In Unlikely Places

82. Cutting The Grass

Cut grass, get money. And other things.

83. Re-Deads

Awesomely terrifying.

84. Opening Big Chests

That fucking sound.

85. The Twisted Corridor In The Forest Temple

Suddenly my map doesn’t make as much sense..

86. Hyrule Market 7 Years Later

Everyone is now a re-dead.

87. Gerudo Fortress

Time to get stealthy.

88. Gannondorf’s Evil Laugh


89. Rolling Headfirst Into Trees

You never know what might fall out!

90. Doing The Same Thing With Crates

91. The Fairy Bow

Time to snipe some of those pesky peahats.

92. Playing With Fire

BYO deku stick.

93. Zora’s River

Float downstream, get rich at the same time. Brilliant.

94. The 4 Poe Sisters

They almost deserve their own 5-minute anime.

95. Cuckoo Gliding

Find a Cuckoo and take it off a nice, big cliff.

96. The Lore

Ocarina of Time took place in a highly fleshed-out universe full of its own myths and legends.

97. Nayru’s Love

Can’t touch me now!

98. That Creepy One-Eyed Guy Who Buys Ghost Spirits

I’m still glad he wasn’t a bad guy.

99. Defeating Ganondorf

In a game of ping-pong.

100. Beating The Game

And then doing it all again!


~~~What did you love most about The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time?~~~

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