Fall Anime 2013 – Walkure Romanze – Early Impressions

Walkure Romanze is the first anime ever to revolve around jousting. And for that, it got my attention.

Unfortunately it’s well on its way to becoming generic ecchi/harem show #746195. It’s not quite there yet. But the forecast is grim.

The only highlight from the first 4 episodes of Walkure Romanze have been the jousting scenes. The CGI is a little awkward but they’re still fun to watch, and there are a bunch of rivalries in development seeing as it’s a 1v1 sport so it gets heated. A lot of work has gone into making them feel exciting and it shows. However, the characters riding the horses are incredibly bland, tired archetypical harem cut-outs. There are a bunch of them so you’ll probably find at least one you like, but they’re pretty much all forgettable.


There are a bunch of tongue-in-cheek ecchi scenes which are almost humorous… but most fall short of the mark. The male lead (Takahiro Mizuno) has the personality of a brick, and the main heorine (Kisaki Mio) is barely more interesting than he is. There is some hope for the side-characters, but at this point I’m not totally convinced it’s worth sticking around for.

On the upside, Walkure Romanze is animated fairly well. There are loads of glossy textures to compliment the high fantasy setting. Cherry Blossoms that line the countryside are pinker than a baby’s cheek and the character models are well drawn despite lacking some inspiration.  The OST is solid (get ready for some wicked harpsichord licks) but the OP + ED are not exactly memorable.

To summarize: My final verdict for Walkure Romanze is slightly unique but mostly underwhelming. If you’re into jousting then cheer, you’ve finally found an anime that caters to your niche interest and should be stoked. But be prepared that the end product is let down by boring characters and a sluggish narrative.

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