Shows That Deserve a Second Season – #1 – Potemayo!

So if you’ve watched Potemayo and had a little time to recover from the subsequent moeverdose, you might be a little disappointed to know that it didn’t get renewed.

You’re not alone.

I guess it comes down to (a lack of) sales, but goddamn this show had so much more to offer, particularly with the inclusion of two brand new little characters at the very end. On top of this we never got to see Sunao finally get together with Mikan – even if they were starting to look like parents towards the end.

The style of comedy offered by Potemayo was formulaic but perfectly executed the whole time with help from a vibrant cast. I could watch this show go on indefinately if the quality stayed the same, and there are tons of possibilities. Guchuko is easily one of the best tsunderes anime has ever seen, and the way this was illustrated without her saying a single word was totally awesome. Potemayo herself was also a great character, but the visual comedy in Guchuko’s scenes was a total stand out and left me (and many others) wanting more.


A sequel could further inquire as to just what Guchuko and Potemayo are, and how they came to be. The original run of the show touched upon this a little bit but never fully explained it. While I don’t feel like this is something that desperately needs to be addressed, it would certainly be interesting to explore. The new offspring we saw at the end of the show could also be a part of this. Holy shit Guchuko’s child was face-meltingly cute. There’s also the topic of the little yellow things perched on either side of Guchuko’s head… Just what are they?

I doubt the producers would actually have the balls to take the Mutan x Karou situation somewhere further than Karou’s lust, but again this is something else that could easily be expanded on, and another case in point for more Potemayo. It’s very uncommon to see a male on male crush in shows like this, even if it is mostly for comedic purposes. The pairing with the best hope is still totally Sunao x Mikan though.

And that’s about it.

JC Staff, give us more Potemayo!


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