Kyoukai no Kanata – Episode 3 Impressions – Now with 100% more Kyoko

So I just finished ep 3 and I’m still loving this show, especially now that Mirai’s initially contradictory behaviour is being explained. I guess we just have to be patient and it all makes sense right?

Well, mostly. But what I really want to know is who the hell Sakura is. My guess is that she’s either a sister or close relative of Yui (the girl Mirai killed) and she’s chosen to appear during a time where Mirai is vulnerable so she can enthusiastically re-arrange her organs. I wonder if she’s a Youmu. My current guess is no, but we don’t really know enough about her yet.

A lot of people were drawing parallels to Bakemonogatari during KnK’s debut. However, episode 3 reminded me a lot more of Madoka Magica than anything else. Sakura’s sudden appearance in the show was a lot like Kyoko’s – she springs up out of no-where and is immediately keen to duke it out straight away rather than talk.



Sakura is also Kyoko’s family name (…have I found a reference, KyoAni?) and the fights between Kyoko + Sayaka as well as Mirai + Sakura are only stopped by a guardian-like character who was looking out for the MC. In Madoka Magica this is Homura, and in Kyoukai no Kanata it is Akihito. Yes, I may or may not be reading a little too much into this.

Additionally, KnK’s “Hollow Shadow” can be likened to Madoka’s Walpurgisnacht. They’re both enormous torandos of fear and death that are portrayed as environmental-but-actually-magical weather systems, and are therefore perceived by regular people as just plain weird weather. This is the case in Madoka Magica, and probably the case for KnK seeing as regular people didn’t notice the Youmu that Ninomiya-Sensei was fighting in the debut episode. By the way, It was totally awesome to see Ninomiya-Sensei again.

The Nase siblings aren’t that important yet (unless you count Mitsuki’s overtly sexual tendencies) and I still feel like Akihito is way too bland, but his banality is almost welcome in a very dialogue-heavy show about magical barriers, demons, blood, and (as of today) motherfucking chainsaw-gunblades.

Yes, you read that last part correctly. Why aren’t you watching this show yet?

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