Fall Anime 2013 – Non Non Biyori – Episode One Impressions

Well, so much for only watching a small handful of shows this season…

Non Non Biyori is a slice-of-life anime with a touch of comedy and a distinctly relaxing vibe.

Its characters live in the quiet countryside, and all attend the same class despite a bunch of age gaps. Hotaru has just moved to the area from Tokyo, and the first episode followed her getting adjusted to a very different lifestyle. At first she was kind of unsettled, but by the end it seemed to be enjoying her time as she warmed to the rest of the cast. Non Non Biyori rolls along at a pretty slow pace, setting it apart from most other shows this season that have been very lively and involving. This works to the its advantage and blesses the show with a unique spot in the Fall line-up.


In true slice-of-life fashion, there is no underlying plot or sense of urgency to this show. Thus, It’s first obstacle is to avoid becoming stale and it does so with character comedy. Ren’s special talent was particularly hilarious. The other cast members are not as funny yet, but certainly likable. I want point out the silent male character who face we didn’t see. What is he doing there? Will he ever speak? INTRIGUING.

There’s not much else to say about this show except that I hope it stays good and doesn’t become mundane within a few weeks like some SoL’s do. It certainly started well. OST, OP + ED were all excellent.

One more thing – Why did the bus leave them behind in the final scene? It’s not like there are more than 10 other people in the town. What a jackass.

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