Fall Anime 2013 – Ace of Diamond – Episode One Impresions

Ace of Diamond is a baseball anime following the journey of high-school pitcher Eijun Sawamura. I’ve seen very little sport-themed anime so this was a new one for me. And while it did show some promise, I can’t tell if I like it just yet.

The characters we met in episode one were pretty standard shounen-type archetypes, although there was a little humor throughout keep things interesting. The two characters I liked most were Sawamura’s mohawked Ojii-san whose name I don’t think was mentioned, and the larger-than-life Azuma-san who appears to have a significant chip on at least one, if not both of his gratuitously large shoulders.


The episode seemed to follow Sawamura nearly the entire time, which was ok because he seems to be much more assertive and confident when compared to other young leads in shounen anime. I think this will definitely work in the show’s favour. Side-characters didn’t get any real development yet but there is plenty of time left for that later. The quality of animation was solid, and the OST was pretty good too. The underlying premise of the MC’s school being shut-down soon has been done to death though.

While Ace Of Diamond’s first episode was solid enough, it doesn’t seem that special yet. The ending cliffhanger does make me want to find out what happens though, even if it seems like Sawamura is probably going to get totally drilled by Azuma…

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