Fall Anime 2013 – Outbreak Company – Episode One Impressions

In short, Outbreak Company’s debut episode was probably the most average of the Fall season so far. It was by no means bad – but overall it failed to stand out against the other titles.

The test for this show is to see whether it can overcome the bunch of Otaku clichés it’s making fun of… without succumbing to the level of that which it’s supposedly poking fun at. There was a very light-hearted tone throughout the first episode which helped its cause, but the characters came off pretty flat. To be fair the main purpose of the episode was to merely introduce the cast though. The OST was somewhat curious, and the OP + EDs were average.


Outbreak Company is set in the Holy Eldant Empire, a parallel fantasy world which has potential to be fun. The MC’ reactions as he was introduced to the various inhabitants of this new world were pretty funny, but this joke won’t last once he’s used to the place. The MC is also painfully generic – we even got the standard cringe-worthy school-life flashback to boot. I can’t even remember his name but I think this is intended in a genre that leans heavily on Otaku wish-fulfillment fantasies because he’s basically there for self-insert purposes.

[DeadFish] Outbreak Company - 01 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_22.19_[2013.10.05_12.35.45]

For the reasons above I now have fairly low expectations for this show.  Conversely, this leaves it with plenty of opportunity to surprise me but if it doesn’t get good soon I might drop it. Let’s give it a chance though, maybe the supreme emperor (who happens to be young and overtly tsundere) can spark things up. Your move, Outbreak Company.

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