Fall Anime 2013 – Kill La Kill – Episode One Impressions

Coming from the same studio who bought us Inferno Cop and the wildly popular Little Witch Academia earlier this year, Kill La Kill managed to generate a lot of buzz before it even hit screens. But what were we supposed to expect from Trigger’s first full length series? No-one was totally sure.

[HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.18_[2013.10.04_08.15.28]

Kill La Kill started with a bang this week, launching viewers into its universe with a hurry. Characters were introduced quickly, and the stage is now set for a very modern take on an old-fashioned rivalry story.

Episode one was a mix of fast-paced action, drama, and some slapstick comedy all wrapped up in a shounen-like delivery. The art style is hard to describe, a lot of the models and backgrounds are very sharply drawn and colour palette tends to clash a little, demanding constant attention from the viewer as a result. The OST contributed well to the frenetic pacing.

As for the characters, our MC (Matoi Ryuuko) is a very determined and gutsy individual. These are vital traits because it seems the whole cast (bar Mako, who played the role of a very tongue-in-cheek damsel in distress character) is out to get in her way. The main villain (Kiryuin Satsuki) is highly imperious and has the entire school under her thumb. She’s the head of the student council, and her dictatorial presence pokes fun at the common anime trope of the school council having way too much power. Her lackeys are all larger than life  and fairly – Ira was particularly hilarious and over the top.

[HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.43_[2013.10.04_08.36.35]

A lot of Kill La Kill’s first episode was enjoyable, but it was not without a few hiccups. The pacing seems to be outrageously fast and this gives plenty of opportunity for the show to lose focus and get derailed seeing as it’s apparently slated for a 2-cour run. I can’t help but feel the fanservice didn’t really help Kill La Kill’s cause either. In a way it fits in the hyperbolic (and arguably self-aware) nature of the show, but it sill comes off as tacky and immature anyway.

Either way, Kill La Kill’s debut was still fun to watch and had me laughing out loud more than once. It boasts solid action sequences and has the element of unpredictability firmly on its side.

[HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.44_[2013.10.04_08.37.57]

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