Fall Anime Week 1 – Coppelion – Episode 1 Impressions


13 episodes/1 cour

Great debut episode.

Set in Tokyo following a nuclear cataclysm, Coppelion reminds me of the atmosphere found in Bethesda’s Fallout universe. It’s dark, mysterious, probably hostile, and very unnerving. Viewers will be easily drawn in thanks to some really mesmerizing artwork. The metropolis is now highly irradiated which means it’s not suitable for human habitation – but a side effect of this is that plant life has thrived and the abandoned buildings are now coated with wild vegetation, resulting in an unfamiliar beauty.


The main character models are a little gritty but I think that’s intended. I’ve read a few complaints about the characters not quite fitting in properly with the backgrounds (almost like they’re walking in front of a green screen) and I can see why this might be noticeable for some, but it’s not an issue for me personally. Overall Coppelion is pretty damn good to look at.

The plot is intriguing and we don’t quite know the actual reason for the main 3 girls to be exploring the city yet. I’m not familiar with the manga but something tells me their boss has another agenda for their mission. I’m also interested in how the girls came to be genetically engineered and why Tokyo got so messed up in the first place.d2d2bfede7e79e197cb3ce19ebedc2e11372958104_full

Extended periods of silence were used well to create tension in a couple of scenes. Ibara is the only character that really stood out to me this episode though, but I’m already keen for more of this.

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4 Responses to Fall Anime Week 1 – Coppelion – Episode 1 Impressions

  1. Artemis says:

    I have to admit, I didn’t like this first episode much. I found the thick black outlines for the characters distracting and annoying – even more so because the backgrounds are so gorgeous and highly detailed. I get that this might be an issue only for some though, so that’s not one of my major gripes. And I don’t know what my major gripe is exactly… but I just feel like this episode lacked any kind of real punch, even if I’m unable to put my finger on precisely why. It’s not that it left a bad impression on me as much as it didn’t leave much of an impression at all.

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