GJ-Bu sequel announced!

Excellent news today! GJ-bu has been greenlit for a sequel.

GJ-bu was a pleasant surprise for many viewers when it debuted last Winter. Feel free to check out my review if you’re curious. It was pretty excellent.


I missed it too.

At the time of writing there is not a whole heap of information available, although more will show up soon…. this won’t stop me from speculating though. I think we’ll see either a combination of previous characters mixed in with the Imoutos – or a more Imouto-focused show that might be more closely based on the light novel spin-off “GJ-bu Chutobu”. I haven’t read this but I understand that it follows Kasumi as she starts a similar club with her friends Seira + Geraldine (and maybe a few others). Even though the orignal cast are super charming – I’d be excited to see a couple of new characters thrown in the mix.

If I remember correctly, Mao, Kirara and Shion graduated last season – so we’ll probably be seeing less of them this time round. They were all popular characters though so I doubt they’ll be totally omitted. Maybe they’ll show up one time and talk about college? Or, in Mao’s case, just bite Kyolo. Who knows. I hope Kyolo, Tama, and Megumi get a little screen time, but I’d be equally happy to see Kasumi and her friends take over as the main characters.

I don’t think the producers can really go wrong when it comes to this sequel. There are a bunch of directive options and they all have the potential to shine. I’m looking forward to see how it all turns out. What are your thoughts on this announcement?



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2 Responses to GJ-Bu sequel announced!

  1. I just worry GJ-bu won’t be the same without the upperclassmen. I hope Kyoro and Megumi can carry the show, but the kids were nowhere near as fun as the high-schoolers, imo.

    • You’re right, they had a pretty sweet cast set up so to bring in the younger sisters presents quite a challenge.

      I think it will be different… but I have confidence they can pull it off and create something neat once again. We’ll have to wait and see though.

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