Nintendo Direct Wrap-Up – August 8, 2013

Being a Nintendo fan is suffering Being a Nintendo fan is occasionally frustrating.

Today’s Nintendo Direct was not very good, especially if you like exciting news. Here’s my thoughts on a few of the announcements.


Rayman Legends – Wii U

Seeing some footage for this game was exciting but also kind of irritating. It looks pretty damn awesome and I’m confident it will live up to expectations… although it should have done this already. As a Wii U exclusive title. Last year. Anyway, the footage was still pretty neat and I can’t wait to play this game regardless.

It was announced that a bunch of levels from the previous title, Rayman Origins, will be included. While this is arguably a positive addition – It’s also completely irrelevant for fans who already bought it and played it when it came out years ago. Is seems like this is part of the reason that Legends has been delayed – and in blatantly disregards the devotion of long-time fans. Well screw you too, Ubisoft. Don’t delay your game to pack in old content.

Art Academy Sketchpad – Wii U

Again we’ve already heard about this but it looks neat all the same. I could get into this one. This kind of release could see great benefit in the ability to share your creations online.

Pikmin 3 – Wii U

Showed off an in-game camera and nothing much else. I fail to see how this is just advertising, The game was delayed for months, it’s out now, we get it. Are you going to tell us something interesting today or not?

Pokemon Rumble U – Wii U

Yet another bland, underwhelming Pokemon spin-off destined to be forgotten.

Some not-so-awful 3DS news

A bunch of retro additions are coming to the e-shop, including a ridiculous Touhou style bullet-hell game of which physical copies are now super-rare (I forget the name), Wario Land 3, Super Mario Bros. 3 and some good old fashioned Donkey Kong. Another cool announcement came in the form of professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright. This could not possibly be a bad idea. Good move, Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is looking pretty cool too. The dark, inverted triforce in the logo looks rather intriguing.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker – Wii U

Forgive me if I’m wrong but I spotted absolutely nothing new here, just more video snippets and more ranting about how the King of Red Lions (the boat) goes faster now. We knew this already. It’s looking more and more unlikely that the omitted dungeons and islands from the original game will be included this time around either. Shame.

Luigi confirmed for Smash Bros Wii U/3DS

As if it was big news. Really?


In summary I thought this edition of Nintendo Direct was pretty weak and gave us very little to talk about. Lift your game, Ninty!

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