Spring Anime 2013 Round-up

Hataraku Maou-sama!

Hataraku Maou-sama - 10 - insert01

This was pretty good. A fun balance of humor with some neat action scenes. Characters were likable and avoided being too cliché. The very first episode was the most memorable – the early scenes of Maou and Ashiya struggling to survive in a very different world were almost priceless. Best facial expressions all season by a mile. Lost a little steam towards the end but quite enjoyable overall. 7/10


[Commie] Aiura - 01 [01D20EB9].mkv_snapshot_01.45_[2013.05.13_10.42.22]

Charming, fun, and well-executed. Probably my favourite 4-minute show to date. Awesome characters, fabulous artwork and a neat little OST. The characters were all very likable and the show presented a unique, gentle atmosphere. Season 2 please! 8/10

Date A Live


Date A Live presented a plot that was almost stupid enough to be entertaining but quickly turned sour due to back characters and an obvious lack of direction. It’s sad to see such a weak show get renewed for a second season when there were so many other titles this season that took a bunch of risks and turned out to be fun. Date A Live gave us a bunch of fanservice, otaku references and very little else. Highly disappointing. 2/10

Shingeki no Kyojin


SnK has made a very positive impression on me despite being only halfway through. Suspenseful, dramatic, violent and full of action, I think SnK deserves nearly all the praise it’s getting already. The pacing is spot-on, and watching the characters get more fleshed-out over time is highly entertaining. SnK never fails to feed its viewers with excitement every week and we don’t even know half of its underlying mysteries. Loads of fun. 8/10

Sparrow’s Hotel


Meh. 2/10

Kakumeiki Valvrave

[HorribleSubs] Valvrave the Liberator - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.09_[2013.05.13_11.02.00]

Kind of good but incredibly bad at the same time. Lacks focus because the writers were playing a game where they try to include every single genre possible in one show. SoL elements are feel forced to the point where it’s kind of laughable. Remember the musical item in episode 4? How could you possibly forget. Mechs look fresh though. Plot is absurd. The rape scene was really not necessary. Contains space Nazis. 3/10

Aku no Hana

Aku no Hana - 01 - Large Preview 01

Seeing as I haven’t read the manga, the controversial artstlye did not really put me off straight away like it did to many. In fact, I found this series almost as terrifying as it was enjoyable. The pacing could be a little nauseating at times, but paid off when the most intense scenes finally exploded. The date episode was a real highlight, the whole 22 minutes were totally gripping. A highly disturbing, eerie, and chilling OST was used to great effect. Last episode was kind of a let down but I’ll almost definitely be watching part 2 to see the madness continue. That is, if it ever comes to existence. I don’t think Aku no Hana is selling very well. 7/10

Suisei no Gargantia


This one was a nice surprise, and showed us an interesting story while exploring themes of existentialism and even cultural (planetary?) relativism. Ledo and Chamber made for an excellent pair of MCs, and watching Ledo change as a character throughout the 13 episodes made for a great journey. The setting was also great, and the artwork for the floating colonies looked magnificent. Perhaps the only thing that let down SnG was the pacing (it was ok, but waxed and waned) and shallow side-characters. Amy’s younger brother was a living, breathing cliché, but I guess he was needed for Ledo to get some perspective on the value of human life. Either way, Suisei no Gargantia was pretty fun and closed with an awesome final episode. 7/10

Dropped –


Agonizingly generic, painfully stupid MC, boring characters. The artwork and OST were nice, but every single line of dialogue just made me cringe. Weak script, bad show. 2/10

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.

Will probably finish this one off seeing I’m up to episode 10, but I don’t exactly feel compelled to watch it right now. The story arcs have been long and underwhelming, and I find the MC pretty insufferable. I get that he’s miserable for a reason, but his internal monologues (that are drawing so much praise) just seem fatally contrived and pretentious to me. Nothing about him is likable. The only thing keeping me interested in this show is Yukino’s voice acting. The script is very dialogue-heavy and while it’s mostly dull… at least it’s nice to hear! 3/10

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