E3 Nintendo Direct Impressions

OK. Well that was pretty neat. Looks like Nintendo’s weird decision to avoid the traditional press conference was not such a bad idea after all.

So we got a whole slew of announcements and trailers for both Wii U and 3DS. The main focus was on Wii U – which is exactly what was needed. The Wii U is still lacking a solid game line-up and really needs the boost. With the amount of news we got it looks like there will be something for everyone coming in the near future. Here are some things I found particularly awesome.


The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for Wii U- Release Date: October 2013

Wind Waker looks completely fucking awesome in HD. The cell-shaded art style has been carefully re-created for Nintendo’s latest system and the result is totally excellent.

We got a nice chunk of gameplay footage, and Iwata spoke about how the game has been re-imagined for the new console. The addition of miiverse posts existing within the game in the form of bottled messages looks pretty neat, it appears that photos taken with the pictobox can also be attached. A speed boost for sailing sequences will be well received for those who got a little bored while exploring the open sea in the gamecube version. The tingle-tuner item now seems to be activated via the Wii U gamepad which also makes total sense.

Wind Waker U is looking great, and it’s coming this year. Sweeeet. If the dungeons that got left out of the original release find their way into this game I might actually cry with happieness. It’s a long shot – but you never know.

Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze – Release date: November 2013

This also looks great, but seeing as Nintendo have released a bunch of DK titles in recent years I was kinda hoping for something different from Retro Studios. A new Metroid or even Starfox title were rumored, but either way this new game looks awesome. The level design looks incredible, they’re just so inviting and inventive at the same time. The whole game looks very sleek and polished, so It looks as though there will be a whole lot of depth to this game. Retro studios have this worked this style of game development down to a fine art. Looks cool.

Super Smah Bros. 3DS/Wii-U – Release Date: 2014

Well it finally happened, we have been given a smash brothers trailer. And it is good.

It seems the 3DS will get a very similar version to the Wii U rlease – although the graphics will be downsized in a big way which is to be expected. I’m extremely excited for this game and a long time fan of the series. The very first instalment of the series was a massive hit and each next title has been a detailed extension on the core design. The possibilities are endless for this game. I hope they make it totally huge and fix up the online problems that held back SSBM. Super keen.

Mario Kart 8 – Release Date: 2014

The tralier for MK8 was hugely impressive. This is another series that I’ve loved for many years now and it’s exciting to see it evolve once again. Driving up walls and underneath the track? Fucking hovercarts? Hell yes. The only bad thing about this trailer was the release date – I only wish it was sooner!


Super Mario 3D – Wii U – Release Date: December 2013

It’s about time the Wii-U got a 3D mario game! Unfortunately it appears to be awkwardly similar to last years 3DS title…

I’m sure this will be a quality game but it’s kind of irritating to see Nintendo playing it safe and refusing to give us something a little more original. Having 4 players on-screen at once is cool, and it appears that Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad will all have slightly different controls…

And they all have cat suits. Nintendo you are actually so much better than this. The 3D mario titles used to be totally reinvented each time! Super Mario Sunshine was a HUGE leap from Super Mario 64 (which was a damn tough act to follow, by the way). Super Mario Galaxy was even greater! And now we’re getting some half-assed rendition of the 3DS title that came out last year? Fucking YAWN.

I think the massive success of the Galaxy titles (on Wii) are partly responsible for huge amounts of expectation surrounding this title. Super Mario 3D Wii U just feels like a step backwards in comparison. Why can’t they try something new?


More E3 impressions and commentary on the way!

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